Johnny Coleman II is an anthropologist, and a marketing consultant who creates ethnic marketing campaigns using anthropology (cultural, biological, and archeology). He conducts heritage site tours, museums visits, and hosts special events that teach the culture of indigenous people from around the world. His work is with individuals, organizations and businesses.

Ethnic marketing is the promotion for or about an ethnic community. The largest businesses and cities in the world invest heavily in ethnic marketing and so should you!

His portfolio includes the promotion of festivals, books, film, political campaigns, tours, radio shows, Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee, museums and more—all based in ethnic marketing. Notable marketing campaigns include the 2007 Ethiopian-African Millennium Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Plus a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2013 to help Haitian coffee farmers combat ‘La Roya,’ (a tree rust fungus) that kills coffee trees in Haiti.

In addition to being a homeschooler, he is a graduate of Howard University. Before graduating from Howard he studied abroad for a year and a half in Cairo, Egypt and Israel. He also worked as the research assistant to the late Dr. Lucille St. Hoyme within the Terry Collection, forensics lab, in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. He has also published an article on the New York City African Burial Ground (NYABG) as a McNair Fellow. The NYABG is still considered the most dynamic archeological find of the twenty-first century.

His work has earned him speaking invitations to Morgan State University, the World Bank IFC and Georgetown University.

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