"The mission is to create ethnic marketing solutions using anthropology. We value the ethical treatment of our clients, associates, advisers, vendors, and supporters. We enjoy educating the public about the work of anthropologists. We prize world-class examples of anthropologists for all to see. We respect cultural, ethnic and geographical differences. We support indigenous communities throughout the world through the marketing, promotion, and conservation of their culture, traditions, and artifacts."


You will learn how to better market your products and or services to ethnic consumers.

Do you want help:
  • reaching your audience with ethnic marketing?
  • selling your products and services to an ethnic audience?
  • in learning how to apply anthropology to your marketing plan?

Our goal is to help businesses reach ethnic communities by showing them how to build a marketing strategy.


  1. I have been an invited guest speaker to major institutions.
  2. I have worked with media companies that exclusively publish news by and about ethnic communities.
  3. I have supported coffee farmers in coffee growing countries throughout the world and have been a vendor to such places as the Smithsonian, leading food co-ops.
  4. I have created and organized my own tours to local heritage sites with proven results.
All of these interactions are ETHNIC MARKETING and they all needed an ethnic marketing STRATEGY.

Use the contact form on this page to tell me your name, business and products or services. I will then confirm communication and we will schedule a time to talk. In that talk I will share what I can do for you.

"I had the pleasure of touring the National Museum of African American History & Culture on Monday the 9th of October.  I had awaited this this event only for it to enhanced by a professional and dedicated tour guide in the person of Mr. Johnny Coleman of Anthro21.  Mr Coleman's insights and warmth and professionalism brought each exhibit to life in a way that I have never experienced.  As a seasoned museum goer I was totally impressed and overwhelmed by Mr. Coleman's passion and knowledge concerning the exhibits. I recommend Mr Coleman and Anthro21 for any tour!"
--Professor Raphael Jackson, Kentucky State University

"Anthro21 has provided consistent and efficient service for my consulting needs. Mr. Coleman designed an eye-catching and comprehensive brochure.  He assisted me with business plan development and marketing services by providing templates and guidelines for establishing my consulting business. I have been working with Anthro21 since 2016 and the opportunities available for my consulting business have increased exponentially."
--Professor Tonika Berkley, Archeologist and Author

"The company is great! They have shared their network with us for new business opportunities and keep sharing good things. The great part is when they host fund-raisers and pack the house! I cannot say enough good things."
--Veronica Cooper, Culture Coffee

"I have had the privilege of knowing Johnny Coleman since he was a student at Howard University. It was during this period that I came to appreciate his analytical skills.  I am impressed with his communicative skills and understanding the subject matter.  Anthro21 has the potential to bridge cultural gaps that are essentially the result of cultural misunderstandings and historical misinformation.  Currently, I am working on a project with Anthro21. This is my second project with Anthro21, and I look forward to many more."
--Harold (Hari) Jones, Historian/Author

"I had the pleasure of working with Anthro21 on an international initiative to brand West African products in the US. Lead by Johnny Coleman, Anthro21 is a lean, innovative company that is diligent and resourceful in providing craft artists and manufacturers with sage marketing advice and plans on how to scale their business for Western markets.  Johnny's passion and enthusiasm for helping the "little guy" is second to none."
--Marketing Director, Aphropolitan
--Johnny Coleman II

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