Saturday, December 23, 2017

Meet Uzikee Nelson

(Published on Facebook on November 20, 2017)

 Today (Nov. 20th) I was the guest of artist Uzikee Nelson, pronounced UZEE-key. He took me on the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail in Northwest, or NW, Washington, DC.

You can see the two of us standing in front of the Josephine Butler Parks Center. The sculpting there is called 'El Dorado Gold' and its crown glows in the sunlight! It is located east of of Meridian Hill Park, which is locally known as Malcolm X Park; just across the street.

There is also a great sculpting of his in the 1400 block of Belmont Street, NW. It is dedicated to Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X--see photo. That same Marcus-Malcolm sculpting is seen on ALL of the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail plaques in the city--see images.

We also visited the famous Pitts Hotel which is now marked with a plaque. Get ready for the Uzikee tour in Washington, DC! (Photo credits: Anthro21 LLC).


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